Sustain the Beauty of Malawi

Small steps taken by many…

Malawi is a beautiful country – God’s creation in full glory. The scenery is often outstanding. The Lake is famous for containing an amazing variety of fish. You see a lot of fantastic animals. Magnificent trees and colourful flowers please the eyes. The people seem to fit perfectly in this country: they have a relaxed life style and especially the women wear colourful clothes.

But take care: Malawi’s beauty is threatened from several sides. Deforestation, for example, has damaging consequences. The same applies to all kinds of pollution that affect the soil, the Lake, the rivers, the animals, the environment, the food and much more. There is a real danger that Malawi and it’s beauty is spoiled by human carelessness, negligence and laziness.

This website wants

  • to show the beauty of Malawi through pictures we made ourselves,
  • to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining the beauty of Malawi, and
  • to share ideas to sustain Malawi’s beauty.

In particular we pay attention to plastics, that can be really hazardous. When plastics disintegrate or burn, they release chemicals that are harmful to health, the environment and wildlife. Some of the chemicals that are released when burning plastic waste can cause cancer.
To sustain Malawi’s beauty, small steps taken by many people are important. Say NO to plastic bags, for example. It’s not difficult, and alternatives are at hand…

On this website you can read more about plastics and about good alternatives to plastics bags.

Bag action is a great success

By December 2021 we had sold about 1,400 bags in the Netherlands. They were all sold under motto's like 'Get one, pay two' and 'One bag for you, one bag for her'. So each buyer pays for two bags, but gets one. We give the other one away to someone in Malawi. Every...


Welcome to this website. It's a simple one, like our goal: we want to show something of Malawi's beauty and call for concrete steps to preserve God's beautiful creation. We focus on how we can together reduce the use of plastic bags. If we can do that, we will have...